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From Top20 to Top10

So I decided to something a little different… photos by jessica nicole is having a small promotion for the end of the year. I wanted to do a Top10 shots of 2010 but I couldn’t settle on just 10 and instead now have a Top20 list.

This is the hitch… Go to my Facebook Fan Page and, first, “like” the page, then go through and “like” or comment or however you see fit to “vote” for your favorite shots. The Top10 will be featured on here and they will also receive 10 FREE 4×6 prints of their winning shot(s). And the picture with the most votes will get a FREE framed 8×10 print of their winning shot!

Tell all your friends or just keep it to yourself, which is not very generous but who am I to say anything.


And because I can’t go a post without a picture here are a few you can vote for…



So… The presents have all been unwrapped and I am so happy with the gifts that I gave and received. Although I didn’t get the camera that I asked for, which was pretty expected seeing how it retails around $1,600 just for the body (Canon 7d). So I am saving my pennies to buy it soon. If you would like to help this starving artist please contact me at or visit photos by jessica nicole.

However, I did get some other sweet camera items.

Below is a sweet mug that my mom bought for me. It looks like a Canon 24-105mm lens. So freakin’ cool! You too can find great camera trinkets like this at Photo Jojo. They have tons of great quirky things you can use in shoots and just fun things for the average camera junkie. The funniest part was when I was opening the gift my mom kept everything in tact and this small dinosaur toy fell out of the packaging and I just thought it was a stow-away, possibly a leaf, but while looking at the packing slip, there it was, “dinosaur toy”. Put a smile on my face that Photo Jojo took the time to put a little something extra in there for me. :)

I also received a really sweet Tri/Monopod from my dad. It’s a Sunpak – PlatinumPlus 72\” Tripod/Monopod. There really isn’t anything lightweight about it but it’ll be great for portrait sessions and for traveling and hikes I am hoping on getting a little more rugged monopod.

After a long day of presents and going to “grandma’s” house the boys were very worn out and spent the rest of the day from about 4 to till bedtime sleeping. There is the possibility that they weren’t tired, but maybe feeling ill. (continue reading to find out more)

The next morning, however, I was woken by my father saying that something in the house smelled like poop, then as he was looking in my room said, “No, vomit. Oh gosh. It’s all over your room.” He continues to the entryway, “OH! And the entryway!” and looking into the living room, “AH! It’s on the rug!”. Needless to say, while I was sleeping and thinking that my dogs were so worn out and sleeping with me one or both of them got so sick from something that it made him/ them throw up ALL over the house. My first 3+ hours of December 26th were spent cleaning up dog vomit. My poor dad was helping me but he was gagging and almost throwing up himself every time he even looked at the dirty towels. I would be in my room cleaning one of the 4 spots and I would hear him in the kitchen, where note: there wasn’t any vomit, gagging and holding back his morning coffee and chips and salsa from the night before. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Don’t get me wrong, it was gross, like, REALLY gross, but I guess when they are your children it’s just not that big of a deal to have to clean up after them, especially when you know they couldn’t help it.

When we thought we had it all my dad was walking back to his room and he caught a whiff of something in the bedroom directly across from his. “JESSICA! There’s more and this is the worst one.” If you recall, my father had originally said that it smelt like poop… ya… a big pile. BLAH! And a nice heaping pile of vomit next to it. This is where I started to gag a little.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details. It was a long day. I ended up borrowing my mom’s Rainbow, which is easily the BEST cleaning system in the world. It took care of the problem and we were golden.  Luckily, none of the previously mentioned mess got on my new bedding, my Christmas present to myself.

(Due to specific request I did not provide pictures of the last half of this post. And for clarification, I did not take any pictures of it to begin with.)

A few of my favorite things…

To my knowledge there isn’t another season where people extend their homes, music, clothing and even attitude to cater to that specific time of year. So in honor of that I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things during this time of year…

1) Wrapping presents. My mother taught me how to wrap presents when I was kid and ever since then I always looked forward to pulling out the paper and ribbon and tape! Oh, it’s just a wonderful way to be creative this time of year. This is a picture of my sister’s gift.

2) Yummy warm drinks, they’re even better with a hint of Christmas “spirits” ;)

3) All the decorations. From the stockings to ornaments… These are the things that really put be in the Christmas spirit. I’ve always noticed that after Christmas when all the decorations come down and back up to the attic the house feels a little bare. I have a friend and when we were in high school her mother loved the season so much that her decorations were up from right around Halloween through Valentine’s Day. I think that would really just wear me out and not make the season something special.

4) The music. After working years in retail I have learned to ration the music throughout the season so I don’t get burnt out before Thanksgiving. My favorite Christmas song is a toss-up between Come Ye Marry Gentleman or Baby It’s Cold Outside. I have a confession to make, I have always wanted to sing Baby It’s Cold Outside as a duet, with maybe… Ewan McGregor. For anyone who knows me, I have had some pretty extravagant dreams of singing, like a “spontaneous” musical on Library Lawn when I was in college. But for anyone who knows me, they also know that I tend to never follow through with these dreams, unless it has MJ thrown in there somewhere. They always sound good in theory though.
5) The lights! Even from the smallest strand that hangs from a coffee shop sign to the intricately made ones shaped like hot air balloons. They just give the most perfect ambiance for the season, warmth and twinkle. This is probably why during my last year in college my housie and I kept white Christmas lights up in our house year round. Turns out they gave off better light than our nasty ceiling fan.
6) Friends (which include my dogs). I think we will agree that one the best parts about the season is having a great excuse to spend time with your best friends and furry friends.
(My apologies if some of this seems jumpy and sporadic, I was listening to the Glee Christmas Album and became a little distracted).
Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season for…

Tis the season for giving. So with that I figured I do something relatively vain and give the (cyber)world some of my thoughts and a glimpse into my life.


With that being said, I’d like to start this new blog, and very first post, with something that happened today. While I was working in the living room I walked past my bedroom to catch a sneaky dog sleeping on my bed. Now Jimi knows the rules, no getting on the bed unless invited. He was not invited, seeing how I was in the living room, and as soon as he saw me looking at him I could see the guilt in his eyes from the hallway. But since it is the season for giving, I let him finish his nap. ;)

But later both Jimi and Jude continued their naps in the living room.