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A glimpse of Rustin and Ashley’s pictures from today. More to come!



So life has been non-stop these last few weeks. Work has been running all over the place and there isn’t a true sign of slowing down anywhere in site. The main thing that really sucks about all this travel is the fact that it takes key time away from my boys. I know that they know when I’m leaving. As soon as that bag gets pulled out of the closet and I start filling it they lay all over my room as if to guilt me into putting it all back in the drawers and canceling it all. And trust me, if I could have I would.

My latest travel took me to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer. On my way out there in the past I have had my connecting flight in Denver but this time I went to Phoenix first and got to fly OVER the Grand Canyon! I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon before so this was an amazing way to see it for the first time.

My days were full of meetings but as soon as those were done I was ready for some fun. One of my favorite parts of OR , granted I’ve only been to 2 now, is that there is a great night life. There is always someone to hang out with and a great party to go to. I had the honor of watching both Brett Dennen and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals from about 20 feet away. Since most of these parties are “industry only” there aren’t a ton of people at them which makes for awesome experiences for people like me ;)

Some of us Patagonia people tend to think a lot alike, even when we’re getting dressed.

Most of my business trips like this end up being just business and no free days but I was bound and determined to have some fun outside of work on this trip and met up with a friend of mine who lives in the area and he arranged for a brew tour at Epic Brewing. It was so cool! After TONS of legal forms, documents,  permits and headaches, they are the only full strength brewery in the state of Utah. We got to learn all about their special malts and everything. The best part of the tour was our guide, and the fact that it was a personal tour, he is the brewmaster at Epic and knows all the ins-and-outs of the company and their product. He was so passionate about what he does.

Later we drove up to Park City and got caught in a cluster cuss of a traffic jam with all the Sundance people. Once making it back to Ogden we walked to dinner at Two Bits. The most original thing about this restaruant was that the owner just hung out and did magic tricks for the people eating at each table. We were the only ones there and once he found out I was from out of town he picked up my dinner fork and told me to focus my energy on it and think “melt, don’t break, melt, don’t break”.  Now after a series of odd gestures and rubbing my dinner fork looked like this…

I have tried to bend parts of it back and it won’t budge. Needless to say I had to pack this in my checked luggage on the way home. And I he did get me a new one to eat with so I didn’t end up stabbing myself in the eye with this thing.

My friend woke me up in the morning just to make sure that I could see his view from his room and as soon as I did I told him, “Things like this make it hard to miss anywhere else”.

My goal next time is to make even more time and be able to hit these mountains with a board and get my butt kicked. I need to make myself take trips like this and ring them for all they’re worth. One of these days…

up north

This past weekend I drove up to Michigan to shoot a wedding and on the way back was lucky enough to spend a couple hours in CHICAGO! I have never really been to Chi-town, expect for O’Hare, before so we just walked around a little and did some shopping.

We ate a great little hole in the wall pizza joint. Unfortunately it was too late before we realized we were eating NY style pizza in Chicago. But it was delicious nonetheless.


Like I had said, we got to walk around and see some of the city. I have studied too much about architecture NOT to fall in love with all of these buildings. Every time you turn a corner there is another one to take your breath away (cue Berlin). This is the main reason I want to go back.





Trevor and Sadie Patterson got married on January 7th, 2011 at 7pm in Middleville, MI. It was a beautiful snowy day but since it was so freezing we didn’t get to take advantage of the wonderful outdoor setting. Here is a small preview. Enjoy!





Then to end on a something a little personal…

My mom and sister’s and I. Yes. I know I look NOTHING like them. I’m still trying to figure that out myself.



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