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the wichita mountains

Yesterday I went down to the Wichita Mountains to do a little hiking. I think the last time I was here I may have been 7 or 8. I went with my dad and brother. My grandma lived in Lawton so this was just a short drive from ┬áher house. We spent all day jumping around on rocks and trying to balance a goofy Sony film camera on boulders that were roughly the same height of where we were trying to squat enough to get the “mountains” in the background. I still have a few pictures from this day and strangely enough, this rouge day of boulder jumping and constantly getting tripped by my brother and my dad getting a speeding ticket on the way out there, is one of my favorite memories with both of them. I even remember stoping at K-mart before we left to get trail mix and Capri Suns. It was really surreal to go back this time. I just wish I could have shared it with my dad and Josh.

Jude got a little hot on our hike and decided to stop and cool off in this puddle.

After exhausting ourselves from hiking all the way to the top of Elk Mountain we decided to also enhance our little day trip even more by grabbing burgers at the historic Meers Restaurant and Store. I also have some fantastic memories from Meers. My grandma that use to live in Lawton would take my brother and me out here all the time when we were kids and would come visit during the summer. Now since my brother was older than me he had frequented it more than myself. I remember just a few months before Josh passed away he was telling me how he still remembered the first time he ever had IBC Root Beer, and it was at Meers with my grandma. And let me tell you, that was a life changing event for him. He LOVED IBC anything, except for the diet stuff, yuck! I think that was my first place to have it too. We were there with my grandma and he told me I had to try it because it was the best pop ever! The only downer to Meers and IBC is there were never free refills and for 2 kids that really never got to drink pop from a bottle and only got to go here with our grandma maybe once a year, it’s really hard to stretch that little glass bottle all the way through a burger and fries. I can’t lie, I ordered an IBC Root Beer yesterday and had the same trouble of stretching it through the whole meal. I felt so silly sitting there, looking at my drink, running my thumb across the embossed glass and tearing up at the thought that I wasn’t able to share it with the one other person in my life that would be having the same trouble as me not to down the whole thing before our frickles (deep friend bread and butter pickles) made it to the table.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful and exhausting day.

Do you have any small events that reminds you of a beautiful person that you’ve lost? They make those little things even sweeter, don’t they?



the white family {part.2}

Thanks to the White’s for letting be capture their beautiful family. I had such a wonderful evening with you.

The White Family

Here is a sneak preview of the White Family’s shoot today. We had fun in the snow :)

warm & white

If you live any where in the US you most likely know about the massive amounts of snow we’ve been getting. Here in Oklahoma we have received record breaking snow in the past week with THREE storms that have passed through, amounting somewhere over 2′. This is just unheard of for us. But being a snow loving person and wanting nothing but more I decided to take some pictures…

I also, of course, was out in all this wonderful weather with my handsome boys. Jude and Jimi love the snow. Their joy for it just makes me want to move somewhere that has more consistently than just freak accidents.

When I was done with my little adventure outside I decided the best way to counter such a great outdoor experience is the have an equally awesome indoor one. I warmed my insides with some delicious tea that my beautiful friend Maddie got me for Christmas from the Missoula Farmers Market. She said it makes great iced tea but I’ve only had it hot. I am going to save some of it though so when it’s not a winter wonderland outside I can try it cold.

Hope everyone is staying warm and is enjoying this wonderful blessing, SNOW :)

Rustin&Ashley (part2)










I had such a wonderful time working with Rustin and Ashley and their “kids”. I hope you enjoy their photos :)