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not “good-bye” just “see ya later”

I had a shoot in Edmond, OK at the end of last week. It also worked out perfectly for me to do some “real” work at a store in OKC and that night was the See You Later Dinner for 2 of my dearest friends that were moving down south, to a state that I don’t even want to utter the name of on this blog in fear of polluting it. It was kind of an odd end to things in this particular part of Oklahoma…

1) I won’t be frequenting it anymore for “real” work because we got another rep to cover that section so really the store I saw on Friday will most likely be the last store I see down there for good.

2) With my beautiful friends moving I don’t have much of a personal reason to go back as frequently either.

The happy couple

3) Since I was down there on what was turning out to be my own kind of See You Later Drive to the OKCmetro I decided I needed to do something that I haven’t done yet and have always wanted to do… I went to Pops! For those of you that are not familiar with this place, it is located on historical Route 66 just east of Edmond, in Arcadia, OK. It is a gas station, restaurant, and pop connoisseur palace. Anykind and every kind of pop that you could ever imagine is there. I was just going to “pop” in and take some pictures because I heard it was very colorful but I managed to HAVE to run back out to my car and grab my wallet so I could purchase myself a custom 6 pack of my choices. I have slowly been working at it in my fridge and am so far pretty delighted in my decisions.

my selection!

4) This one isn’t a reason for good-bye but it is one of the reasons I went to the OKCmetro last Friday. I took pictures for a round-about friend of mine for her college graduation. Taylor is graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Funeral Services in May and wanted some shots for her announcements and for her party. It was so much fun to see UCO and play around in Bricktown. Hope you enjoy them :)


When have you had to say “see you later” to a certain city?


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