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Women are truly beautiful creations of God and I have been having a desire to capture this beauty in photography for quite some time. With that being said Photos by Jessica Nicole is going to expand into Boudoir Sessions and we had our first run today. We were very lucky to have the assistance of Kasie Hensley on the set with her amazing Make-up Artist skills, she made Stephanie look even more beautiful.

Please stay tuned for more information about upcoming Valentine’s Day sessions. I’m so excited to continue into this genre. Feel free to contact us if interested…¬†



Ok so I just decided to just make one massive post about all the shoots I’ve done over the past few months. This is the easiest way to do this because there really is a lot and I’m just going to post some of the highlights.

The Hasslers

The Dixons

Mead Wedding at Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park

Mead Wedding at Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park

JulieAnne, Senior

JulieAnne, Senior

The Hensleys

The Hensleys

Moser Wedding at The Harwelden Mansion, Tulsa

Moser Wedding at The Harwelden Mansion, Tulsa



Well, no post of mine would be finished correctly if I didn’t include some pictures of animals, and more specifically my dogs. This first image of a squirrel that I met in Colorado, the next is obviously Jimi.

Jimi laying on "his" bed.


This is a severely late post but I’m trying to play catch up right now.

Over Thanksgiving my mother and 2 sisters and I all went up to Chicago. There was really no particular reason behind it, we just wanted to kind of get away from it all and have a little change. On the trip my Sister-in-law and her husband came and met up with us, bringing my AMAZINGLY funny niece and nephew. Talk about 2 people I could never love any more just because I don’t think it’s humanly possible.

We went and saw The Bean! It was was pretty big highlight of the trip.

The girls

View from inside The Bean

Michigan Ave Thanksgiving eve

Water Tower

Water Tower

Jeremiah Scott

Payton Nichole

Mason Joshua


Running in the rain

Also on this trip, my nephew turned 4. His big gift from Grandma was to get to go to the Lego Store. I think the best part for the rest of us was we now had an excuse to go to the Lego Store. We all were playing with the pieces, building things, and OOOOing and AWWWing over the “Architecture Series” that Lego has now come out with.

Lego Store

The Chicago skyline made out of LEGOS!


It was a trip that I will never forget. I loved spending all this time with my family. I count myself very blessed.

Alan&Rachel {engagement }

Oklahoma has been experiencing some unusually warm weather these past few months. Very rarely has it gotten below 60 during the day. So with this amazing weather comes great opportunities for some photographs.

Alan & Rachel met at John Brown University but didn’t start dating until after they graduated. They are planning for a June wedding. Talk about a beautiful couple. I seriously could not stop telling them just how adorable they were together. It’s so obvious how much they adore one another.