Some things my (assumed) readers should know about me.

1) I love photography- Now I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a professional, yet, but someday I aspire to reach that title. It’s a great hobby of mine, notice the blog title, there will be lots of photos posted. So if you need anything shot… I’m your girl ;)

2) I LOVE my dogs- Jude, my 5-year-old Chow/Akita mix & Jimi, my 3-year-old German Shepherd/Wolf mix. My love for my 4-legged-black-boyfriends will result in a lot of bullet number 1. -You’ve been warned-

3) I love the outdoors- Because of this it really makes for a lot of fun for bullets number 1 & 2. Being outside is just another way for me to relax and, in a kind of corny way, re-center myself. Creation is something that can always put me back in my place.

4) Like any other person, I love my friends and family- These are the people who make me who I am. That’s all there really is to say about that.


One response to “About

  • desirae

    Hi Jessica :) Hopefully this is the rigth place to be contacting you, My name is Desi I work at the Starbucks in Owasso, and I was asked to contact you about picking up your art. I guess we hve someone coming tomorrow to hang?!?!? If you are unable to we can put them in a safe place I promise! Sorry for the short notice. It was just brought to our attention. Also I really enjoyed your website and would love to have you hang again!
    Thanks so much,

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