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Paige’s Senior Portraits

Paige is a fun-loving and lively girl that has one of the most genuine laughs I’ve ever heard. I was so excited to get to work with her on her senior pictures. We were able to get some great light and have a lot of fun together. I also want to give a hug thanks to Kasie of KNHmakeupartist for enhancing our already beautiful senior.


Best of luck with your future plans Paige!


Sean Barger

I was privilege enough to take some pictures of a very talented young guy, Sean Barger. He is on his way up in the music industry and is very likely be to signed and on tour in the coming year. Please, everyone, keep your eyes and ear peeled for this promising talent!

The Tidwell Kiddos

Talk about some of the sweetest little boys! These two were so funny and full of life. I just loved spending an evening with them, capturing their love for each other and their beautiful mom. I always love being able to share in the intimate moments of couples and families and this was no exception. It was such a blessing that they happened to be in the Tulsa area for the week so we could get these beautiful shots. One of the funniest things the oldest said was when I asked him what his favorite place about home was he said “My house is in Texas and I like that.” For any of my good friends that know me and know my general despise for the state of Texas, I couldn’t help but laugh and think this kid had a convincing argument.


The Fitzgerald Family

I was so excited to get to work with my old friend Kim, her husband, and little girl. Kim and I knew each other from high school softball and so it was wonderful to get to spend some time with her and catch up on life. Their little girl is one of the cutest and sweetest little girls I have ever seen! Hopefully I’ll get to work with them in the future when their new little girl joins the house.


Lang Kiddos

I have been lucky enough in my photography to continue working with some of the same clients while I watch their families grow. It’s such a great thing to be a part of because the only thing I get to see grow is my dogs and they’re pretty much done with that. My friend Kara has three of the sweetest kids and I always love taking their pictures. We made a little trip down to the Arkansas River here in Tulsa and let the kids spend some time down by the water. It was great to see how intrigued they were by everything.


Hawaii 2012

About a month and a half ago my mom, two sisters and I all went on a family vacation to Hawaii. It was so amazing! One of the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had. We had been talking about how our family needs a break and needs to get away with all that has happened to us in the past two years. My mom asked where we wanted to go and my step-dad had always wanted to take all of us to Hawaii so that’s what we settled on. I cannot express how beautiful the whole thing was. Next time I would love to go to some of the other islands and spend some time in the less touristy areas but at the very least I can say that I’ve been to one of the most breathtaking places on earth.


Hang ten!